5 Ways Adult Day Care Extends Life Longevity
  • neil.kaneria
  • September 27, 2022
  • Personal

Living a long and healthy life is important to most people, which is why pre-planning is a vital step to keeping the seniors in your life healthy. Services provided by adult day care facilities can extend the physical and mental wellness of seniors so they live happier for longer. At Penn Village Adult Daycare, we offer comprehensive care to increase the longevity of our Philadelphia client base in these five ways. 

1. Supervised Transportation

It can be difficult for seniors to travel to and from places, especially if they experience eyesight deterioration or an age-related disability. Supervised transportation by licensed drivers reduces the risk of automobile accidents, thus keeping all seniors active and safe. Our staff provides full transportation for door-to-door pickups and drop-offs. 

2. Nutritional Meals

Diet and nutrition play a vital role in expanding a person’s health, aiding the body against disease and deficiency-based illness. Penn Village offers a continental breakfast in the morning and a full lunch in the afternoon. All of the food is prepared by licensed nutritionists who like to serve healthy, delicious meals.

3. Physical Exercise

Physical health is a critical part of every wellness regime, which is why Penn Village offers senior yoga and community outings to our residents. The exercise is supervised and guided by a professional staff member who’s experienced with physical activity.

4. Fun Activities

Our staff recognizes the importance of livening up a residential space with fun activities. Penn Village provides in-house bingo, art therapy, and clubs for men and women. Every activity session is designed to boost the happiness and independence of each senior.

5. Direct Medical Care

Our senior day care center is staffed with licensed medical professionals such as nurses, aids, and nutritionists. In addition, all of the planned activities and services are carefully organized by experienced directors who have a deep compassion for the seniors

Getting Adult Day Care Services Philadelphia

If you are interested in learning more about adult day care services in Philadelphia, contact Penn Village today!  Our staff would be more than happy to discuss the senior day care services that are available at this home away from home.