Understanding the Waiver Program

  • neil.kaneria
  • October 19, 2022
  • Personal

The waiver program in the state of Pennsylvania offers a variety of benefits, such as the option to choose a skilled provider, health and safety guarantees, and due process. Waiver was first initiated by the federal government in the attempt to waive the institutional care rules for Medical…

5 Ways Adult Day Care Extends Life Longevity

  • neil.kaneria
  • September 27, 2022
  • Personal

Living a long and healthy life is important to most people, which is why pre-planning is a vital step to keeping the seniors in your life healthy. Services provided by adult day care facilities can extend the physical and mental wellness of seniors so they live happier for…

Tips on Keeping Seniors Active & Engaged All Day

As seniors age, it’s important to keep them engaged through physical and mental activities. Encouraging a variety of activities and stimuli can prevent loneliness, depression, and feelings of anxiousness. It also keeps the brain sharp!  Here are a few tips to keep seniors active throughout the day. Physical…

Choose Adult Daycare for Peace of Mind

If you are living with an elderly relative but also have a full-time job, taking care of them can be challenging. Most of us opt for adult daycare centers to ensure that we get the right care and help. These centers offer a safe place to stay, hence…