Fun For Seniors: 3 Activities Your Family Member Can Enjoy

If you have an aging family member, you have the power to encourage this person to stay active at an adult day care facility. Indeed, doing activities on a regular basis can boost the mood, improve health, and keep your loved one motivated to live a positive lifestyle. Consider a few ways your family member can enjoy spending time at a facility. 

Do Art Therapy

One of the most exciting ways to spend one’s time can be to create art. Art therapy can decrease stress, depression, and anxiety in seniors. According to studies, seniors who are involved in artistic activities can experience increased positivity and lower levels of loneliness and depression. Besides this, many seniors have problems with mental or physical health and find it difficult to communicate with others. But a qualified art therapist can teach your family member how to be open and expressive through art. 

A few art therapy exercises seniors may take part in are painting while music plays, making a scribble drawing, putting together a journal, sketching outdoors, and creating a self-portrait, among others. Moreover, there may be opportunities to do the writing. Doing simple art therapy activities can boost the imagination and brighten one’s days. After all, adding colorful paint to paper or canvas can be absorbing and inspiring. And when your loved one is finished creating a piece of art, you can admire it as much as you’d like. 

Practice Yoga

The various benefits of yoga include enhanced sleep quality, reduced stress, lowered risk of depression, ease of aches and pains, strengthened bones, improved flexibility, and more. No matter your family member’s age, anyone can do yoga. Seniors can practice it outdoors and appreciate nature or stay inside and get a bit of exercise. 

There are plenty of poses aging family members can try, such as tree pose, mountain pose, sphinx, downward-facing dog, savasana, and others. Additionally, yoga can increase spiritual health and make life more meaningful and purposeful. Everyone needs an uplifting activity to do, at least sometimes. Senior citizen activities in Philadelphia can improve your loved one’s quality of life.  

Play Cards

While playing cards may not seem meaningful, it can be a fun activity to get involved in. Playing cards can be beneficial by increasing socialization, boosting the immune system, relieving stress, enhancing motor skills, and improving memory function. Furthermore, this could be the perfect opportunity for your loved one to make new friends. Having friends can inspire anyone to stay engaged in the community and live longer healthier lives. 

Some card games that an aging person can do are Rummy, Old Maid, Crazy Eights, SlapJack, Poker, Blackjack, Canasta, Cribbage, and Go Fish. Doing a simple activity like playing a card game can be mentally stimulating but not overly challenging for someone who just wants to relax and enjoy life. 

Contact A Professional

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