Choose Adult Daycare for Peace of Mind

If you are living with an elderly relative but also have a full-time job, taking care of them can be challenging. Most of us opt for adult daycare centers to ensure that we get the right care and help. These centers offer a safe place to stay, hence reducing the risk of accidents. They also provide senior adults with meals, snacks, physical therapy, transport services, and other activities. But as much as an adult day care center is the right move for your loved one, you also have to choose the one that will meet your loved one’s needs. With many senior day care programs in Philadelphia, here are some tips for picking the right one.

The Level of Care Offered

You are the one that knows the level of care your loved one needs. So it will be important to prioritize this. For instance, if your loved one needs medical care such as physical therapy, this is something you will have to check. How about if your loved one has dementia or Alzheimer’s? Does the facility tend to such patients? Always ask these questions when choosing the daycare center. It will ensure you get the right place where your loved one will get the right care. It will also give you peace of mind.


Find out whether the center has been licensed to provide adult day care services to senior adults. A licensed center has qualified staff that has been trained to meet the needs of senior adults. You can use this criterion to narrow down your list and eliminate non-qualified centers.  


Cost is another matter to think about because you will need to budget for this. Generally, adult daycare centers are not as costly as other forms of senior care. This is because your loved one is not receiving full-time care. However, go through various centers and see the cost versus the services offered. Some programs accept insurance which can lessen the financial burden.

A Clean Center With Friendly Staff

Visit the center and tour the place. The center needs to look and smell clean. Rooms, meals, shared areas, and recreational facilities must be spotless and sanitary. Any mess that happens has to be cleaned up immediately. On the other hand, the staff should be friendly, patient, competent, and outgoing. Your loved one needs to feel comfortable as they will be spending a large part of their day at the center.

Activities Offered

Different centers offer different activities. Finding one with activities that your loved one will enjoy is important. For example, Penn Village Adult Daycare offers activities like senior yoga, bingo, art therapy, community outings, and many more. Such activities are not only fun, but they help boost the mental and physical health of senior adults.

At Penn Village Adult Daycare, our staff has over 30 years of experience caring for senior adults. Our staff is licensed and skilled, and we also offer comprehensive and personalized care. Visit us today for a guided tour to see what we can do for your loved one.